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Gold Street of Santorini

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Santorini is a paradise for shoppers who look for fine jewellery. Nowhere else will you find the same selection, quality and prices.
There is no other place in the world where you can find such a variety in so small a space. You will be totally amazed at the sheer number of jewelry shops.

Beauty in jewelry comes from an exquisite combination of indulging the senses while bringing elegance to the wearer. To this day, the word "gold" inspires ultimate beauty and quality.

In Fira you will find the gold street, or as the real name is Ypapantis street. In the shops of gold street you will find the latest design jewelry collections of famous Greek and foreign houses, and you will come up with ideas for presents both for yourself and for your beloved ones.

The Gold Street in Fira is regarded as one of the main centers of the Greek market in gold jewellery. Do not be surprised if the charming proprietors of these shops pop over the road to fetch you something to drink instead of growing irritable when you linger before choosing what to buy.

Tips when buying gold in Santorini

  • Bargaining is a common practice and prices may be reduced. Courtesy at all times is appreciated.
  • The jewelry stores remain open till late night.
  • You should follow your taste and judgement and not the recommendations of receptionists. You are the one who is gonna wear it so if you do not like it, then it is not worth its money.
  • Greece has 9,000 years of art in gold but since the E.E..C participation, huge quantities of marchandises from Asiatic countries are mixed with the local production, so be careful. What looks Greek is not nescessarily Greek made.
  • The absence of a Jewellery Association the latest 10 years on this island is limiting the possibilites of quality control by the local authorities, so be reasonable in choosing only legal and certified shopping to sustain your own satisfaction and the market reputation.
  • Do your own research before buying a necklace, earring or pendant.

Jewelry shops in Gold Street, Santorini

We have made a short list of jewelry shops in Gold Street in Santorini.

Poniros Company

Giorgos Poniros is a talented and well-promising jewellery designer, having graduated from the Gemology Institute of the U.S.A. He designs unique collections in white, yellow and pink gold 18K with diamonds, precious stones and pearls.

The great variety of handmade diamond solitaire rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are the perfect combination of aesthetic style and technical perfection. The Poniros company has the only jewellery workshop in Santorini which controls the construction of the jewellery from the first to last stage. Diamonds and all precious stones are directly imported, which allows the Poniros jewellery stores to sell the best quality at the best price.

Designers from Vasili on Vimeo.

Besides, it is the only company in Santorini with ISO 2001 and is the representative on the island for the  Rolex, Breitling, Gerard Perregaux, Mont Blanc and Tag Heuer watches.
For more details & images, you can check Poniros's website.

Golden Bazaar

Based on new design, created by most distinguished and expirienced artists and technicians and having the time "on its side" by "Versace" and "Nina Ricci" watches, Golden Bazaar makes jewellery a nessecery part of your lifestyle.
At Golden Bazaar, you will find a huge selection of
  • Stunning rings To capture her heart or celebrate a special event, engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Lovely earrings for every cccasion. Beautiful gemstones, diamonds, fancy gold.
  • Gorgeous necklaces, sparkling diamonds, colorful gemstones.
  • Beautiful and affordable gift ideas, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and so on
  • Men's rings, bracelets, "Versace" watches

santorini-golden-bazaar-lace santorini-golden-bazaar-ring

Antoniou Jewelry

Businessman Costas Antoniou in Santorini, serves these values with knowledge and passion, using the power of the remarkable deep blue color of the Aegean sea, for the creation of his jewellery.
A voyage trough the legendary land of Atlantis, this unforgettable journey, will reveal to you breathtaking experiances.
Whether you are looking for a ring, bracelet, necklace, earring or body jewellery you are sure to find it here, Antoniou Jewelry offers only the finest quality jewellery items.

santorini-antoniou-jewelry-01 santorini-antoniou-jewelry-03

Antoniou sells quality jewellery, both, modern and antique. Gifts are available for everyone and the pieces are specially selected for you to give or receive.

Greek values, the everlasting jewels of the cultural legacy of the Mediteranean. Values, which through the centuries reflect the unique class, but also the responsibility for the continuation of this precise heritage.

Lalaounis Jewelry Store

Ilias Lalaounis located in Fira, is a fourth generation jewelry shop renowned for creating luxurious gold and silver jewelry steeped in Greek history, and has opened outlets throughout the isles of Greece, as well as other parts of the world.

The hand-crafted creations of Lalaounis blend techniques of past and present, and present a unique interpretation of ancient cultures translated into a modern expression. Their collections have drawn inspiration from influences as varied as the Neolithic age, Byzantine era, pre-Classical age, and Mycenaean art.

Their diverse product range includes a huge collection of jewelry, business gifts and decorative items that have been created using ancient techniques like granulation, filigree, as well as repousse, which is a unique technique of forming patterns in relief by hand-hammering and pressing on the reverse side.

Greco Gold

Greco Gold is one of the oldest jewellery stores in Santorini, established in 1973 by Stefanos Keramydas. However the first Greco Gold store opened in Hydra island few years before by Stefano’s brother Lykourgos Keramydas.



Greco Gold is a family owned business run by the sons Alkis and Andreas Keramydas as well who are G.IA. graduate gemologists.

Giving great emphasis in the unique designs of our jewellery as well as special attention in selecting gemstones, empirical and theoretical knowledge, willingness to differ and ethos make customers to visit us again.
The store is located in Fira, the island’s capital, in the main street (gold-street) between the Cathedral to the cable car.

Babalu Art & Jewels

In “Babalu art & jewels”, you will find objects of art, such as the bronze sculptures of Anna Andreadi, one of the most prominent sculptresses in Greece.

You will also find handmade contemporary jewellery by some of Greece’s most celebrated designers, like Apostolos Klitsiotis, Sotiria Togia, Maria Psarianou and many others.

Most of our unique artifacts are made of gold or silver with precious or semi precious stones of the highest quality, accompanied with certificates of authenticity.

Babalu is the only shop in Greece that carries the first Greek watch, designed and handmade by Loukas Mainas.

As you may have already understood, there is something for everybody and for every budget in Gold Street, Santorini.
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