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Boat tours of Santorini

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Santorini Boat Tours

No matter how long you plan to stay in Santorini, you have to spend some time on exploring Santorini by a boat tour.

Sailing into the Caldera gives you one of the most impressive views of Santorini. There is such a big variety of boat tours that will cover all your expectations.

Keep also in mind that you if you prefer a private experience or you want to setup your own itinerary, you can opt for a private boat trip.


You will not regret it and most likely it will be a breathtaking experience.

If you are a sea lover or just looking for a romantic night in the Caldera, there are lots of tours on a sailing catamaran or wooden boats. All sea tours are starting from Athinios or the Fira Port. The main sea route that all Tours are following is at the heart of the Caldera.

They usually provide many stops in private bays for swimming and snorkeling. Also many of them offering BBQ and traditional delights accompanied by local wine while sailing. Places to see are Volcano, Hot Springs, White and Red Beach and Thirasia.

Admiring a spectacular sunset from a sea boat is one of the things you should not miss while you are on the Island.


Santorini Boat Tour - Breathtaking view


Santorini Volcano & Hot Springs Tour

It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to reach the main crater.

In many points of the path, you will observe fumes coming out of the surface. This is an active volcano and the last eruption took place in 1950 AD. It actually consists of 2 islands, the bigger called Nea Kameni and the smaller Palea Kameni. You will be hiking on Nea Kameni. Keep also in mind that entrance in the volcano is not included in almost all the trips and costs €2 per person.

A must stop is at the Hot Springs, where you and your friends can enjoy a healing swimming in the suplhur springs of the volcano.

We should mentioned at this point that Hot Springs have beneficial effects against rheumatisms, arthritis and other diseases.

Santorini Volcano Tour

Santorini Caldera RoundTrip

At first, the boat stops on the little dock of the famous Volcano, where you will walk towards the top of the island.

Next, you are heading to the Hot Springs, where you can enjoy the swimming in the suplhur springs of the volcano.

The island of Thirasia is usually the final destination where you can enjoy lunch & swimming. Thirasia is a small, very picturesque island, ideal choice for nice walks, swimming and lunch in the little port of Korfos or in the traditional village Manolas.

On the way back, you can watch the breathtaking sunset and have a closer look to the coast of the Caldera because the boat sails very close to it.


Santorini Caldera Tours


Caldera Sunset Tour

The tour usually starts from the Old Port of Fira.

There is always the option to stop in the volcano to walk the path to the craters.

You can also sail to the hot springs. Formations of lava and rocks are constantly changing and in a while we can see the older rocks of the nearby island, Palea Kameni. This island proves that the volcano is still active! Sulfur comes out of the sea-bottom and the waters become very warm (temperature reaches 104F / 40oC!). You can enjoy a hot bath.

Finally, after taking a lot of pictures, you enjoy the breathtaking sunset with a glass of Santorinian wine (assyrtiko or Vinsanto are the best options).

Santorini Sunset Tour

Santorini Sunset Cruise


Santorini Tour (Catamaran)

The tour usually starts from Ammoudi, the picturesque port of Oia and then you are heading to the south side of Santorini.

You sail past the Thirasia island, Aspronisi and the Indian Rock and you can see the Venetian Lighthouse on the south cape.

There is the option to stop at the Red Beach for swimming and snorkelling. Diving equipment is often provided to all the guests of the catamaran.

Then you can visit Hot Springs for a healing swimming at the sulphurous waters.

You will also have the opportunity to sail very close to the cliffs of the Caldera to admire the rock formations and the little white houses overlooking the view.


Santorini Catamaran Tour

Santorini Boat Tours - Tips

  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. if your tour includes hiking on the volcano, sneakers is probably the ideal option.
  • If you are to join a sunset tour, bring a jacket or sweater; sometimes during the sunset time, the weather gets chilly.
  • Do not forget your camera & be sure to have a lot of memory & full batteries so that you can capture the breathtaking views.
  • A bottle of water and a hat will be handy especially during the summer.
  • There are 2 Hot Springs, one in Nea Kameni island and one in Palea Kameni island. If your boat stops in the Hot Springs of Palea Kameni, you will need to swim first in the cold, deep waters to reach the hot springs. Otherwise, most of the trips that stop in the Hot Springs of Nea Kameni usually take you inside the actual hot springs, so you swim directly in the hot water.
  • Joining a private land tour means that the itinerary can be adjusted to your needs; however, you’d better make a preliminary research regarding the spots you wish to visit, so that you will be prepared.
  • Some private or semi-private cruises start from Vlihada Marina, which is located on the south part of Santorini. Accessible only by car or taxi, it takes 15 minutes to get there from Fira.

Prices for boat tours on Santorini Island ranges from 25 to 200 euros per person. The duration of the Tours depends on the places you want to visit. Some of the tours offer multi-language guides.


Travelling by boat to the Volcano, which still seems active, as hot fumes are released in many points, is a must have experience.


For more information, you can view the following sites:


A boat tour of Santorini with the company of the persons that you love will make your trip unforgettable!


Welcome aboard & bon voyage :-)

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