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Top Five Islands of Greece

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Santorini, GreeceGreece is considered the cradle of civilisation. With a history stretching back 4000 years and a geographical position linking the East with the West, Greece was and still continues to be a focal point for the mixing and clashing of civilisations. With over 50 provinces on sixty islands, Greece is as culturally diverse as a country can be.

Actually Greek Islands consist of more than 6000 islets and islands belonging to Greece out of which only 227 have been inhabited. The islands have been traditionally grouped in the following the following clusters: Cyclades, Argo-Saronic islands, North-Aegean islands, Dodecanese, Sporades and Ionian islands. The most populous and largest Greek island is Crete and the second largest one is the Euboea. The islands range from those housing huge concrete tourist resorts to the barley touched islands that rely on boats to bring supplies once or twice a week. The diversity of islands ensure in Greece are a different experience every time.

Santorini viewThe Greek Islands have been a favorite holiday destination for holiday makers for a long time and there is a reason. Greek islands holidays can be summed up by the word paradise, offering beauty, tranquility and serene landscapes. Greek islands vary in type but most offer charming old fishing villages to enjoy, tourist beach resorts, amazingly clean sea and the all important factor of year round sunshine. People visiting Greek islands go there predominantly for the relaxation, but that is not to say that there is not a lot of nightlife in bars and discos if that is what you are looking for.

In accordance to the tourist attractions, things to do and facilities available the top 5 Greek islands are Santorini, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos. Greece has a lot to offer to all those who travel to its shores.



Santorini is located in the south Aegean Sea. This puts it 125 miles southeast of the Greece. It is actually the southernmost Cycladic island. Sixty-three more nautical miles south of Santorini sits Crete. The incredible geographical features of Santorini come from its long history of massive volcanic eruptions. Many believe that Santorini is what is left of the lost city of Atlantis. The island of Santorini Greece is not only famous for its volcano, the enchanting natural surroundings and the fantastic beaches with black and red sand, but also for the most romantic sunset. Millions of people come every year to Santorini to admire the beautiful view of the sun that disappears in the Aegean Sea in front of a pink orange background.



Crete is the largest of the Greek holiday islands and has an offering to match for holidaymakers seeking sunny Greece holidays. The Island occupies two worlds, one of untouched isolation and the other of sprawling modern concreted resorts, frequented by tourists in the summer. Visitors looking for more than just sunbathing and bars should visit Crete, where they can hike through the beautiful Gorges visit, and learn about the ruins of the ancient Minoan civilisation or visit the mythical birthplace of Zeus. The Islands Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum are excellent attractions that should not be missed.


Corfu, GreeceCorfu

The Ionian island Corfu is one of Greece's most visited tourist islands and has a number of resorts aimed at different types of holidaymakers. In the centre of the island is Corfu Town, the most beautiful attraction of the old island and offers sights that a very far from the concrete high rises of the tourist resorts. Sightseeing and fun cruises depart from Corfu town a few times a week. Theo's boat ride is a raucous day out and includes a stop at a beach for a traditional Greek barbecue and a further stop at a secluded cove for a swim before making the journey back to Corfu Town. Corfu is often visited by older travelers, curious to see the beautiful countryside and wildlife described so vividly by the naturalist Gerald Durrell in his classic book My Family and Other Animals. They are rarely disappointed - Corfu is carpeted with thickly pine forested mountains and sandy coves.


Rhodes, GreeceRhodes

Rhodes (or Rodos) is the largest of the Greek Dodecanese Islands, and is located in the Aegean Sea. A mix of young tourists clubbing, people looking to explore the history and beautiful beaches make up the main tourism here, on this very popular island. Choosing a summer holiday in Rhodes is one thing you will never regret. It's one of the most popular and hottest Greek islands and attracts visitors from all over the world. Rhodes was home to the Colossus which was one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and as you enter the port of Rhodes Town you will see that Rhodes can still take your breath away.


Mykonos, GreeceMykonos

The island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades, a group of islands nestled in the southern and central Aegean Sea. In recent years, Mykonos has positioned itself as a trendy place to visit, rivaling even some of the swishiest locales such as Capri or Hawaii. The island's recent fame is thanks in part to the fact that some of the world's most beautiful people have been flocking here, including Madonna and Mick Jagger. Among the best reasons to visit Mykonos is that it is a feast for all of the senses. The iconic white architecture, the extremely amenable climate, proliferation of archeological and historical hotspots are all among the many reasons to spend your vacation days on Mykonos. And let's not forget about the magnificent beaches of Mykonos! The island is dotted with stunning beaches to suit the needs of every tourist, even those who prefer to take advantage of the "clothing optional" rule that some beaches have in place.

Zakynthos, GreeceGreek Island holidays leave tourists always wanting more, to stay for another 2 weeks or even forever. Whether you are someone that is traveling to discover the history of Greece or just to sit and do nothing relaxing on its endless pristine blue flag beaches then swimming in the deep blue sea. Greece is a place that has history and endless beauty and Greek Island holidays truly have something for everyone of any age. The Greek islands are famous around the world and have a charm and personality unique to Greece. There are 72 Greek islands that are inhabited and open to receive tourists and every single Greek island is an experience in its own right. The locals are always friendly and welcoming and the crime rate is very low with very few incidents involving tourists each year. The resorts in Greek islands are well policed and in general are very well controlled communities with the highest level of comfort and security on offer for the tourists pleasure.

Greece offers hot summers by crystal clear deep blue seas and very mild winters. Due to the wonderful climate Greece offers, the tourism is a year round thriving industry.


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