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The Secret of Atlantis and Santorini

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Plato Greek Philosopher

The story of the sacrificed city of Atlantis has been well-known for hundreds of years. It seems to have came from Plato in his saga Critias. It still retains a substantial place in the well-known thoughts and persiststo motivate books, films and even Television series. Several folks even proposed a connection with the Television show Lost.

Atlantis is a famous lost city, probably a whole country. It is mentioned to have been immersed under the sea, maybe as a outcome of volcanic activity or a big earthquake. In respect to Plato this took place close to 9,000 BCE.What tends to make the concept of Atlantis so attractive is the fact that it wasn't merely any city, it was in fact the heart and soul of a superb civilization. Across the generations this Atlantis civilization has been acknowledged with almost everything from cultural brilliance through to magic formula, ancient wisdom and connections with UFOs. Several people have actually implied that Atlantis was actuality an alien settlement.
In accordance to these kinds of much more excessive variations of the Atlantis fable, the Atlantean civilization might have made it through the tragedy of their isle continuing as an submarine nation.

Atlantis in SantoriniAtlantis History

The tale of the forfeited place of Atlantis takes place in 355 BC, with the Ancient greek thinker Plato. Plato, who employed dialogues (reasons and arguments) between figures (actual or not) to voice his ideas, had thought out to craft a trilogy of books that would certainly focus on the nature of mankind, the establishment of the society and the tale of Atlantis, amongst other things. This particular trilogy never was finished, but piece of it has made it through.

In his particular book known as "Timaeus", a person called Kritias brings up Atlantis, a mighty civilization founded to the western side of the "Pillars of Hercules" (the Straight of Gibraltar, known today) on an island in the Atlantic ocean. This particular imperium was a wonder of architecture that housed a amazing civilization. Yet 9000 years previous to the period of Plato, the gods chose to eliminate the civilization of Atlantis which became corrupted. Therefore, a severe earthquake blast the land, hiding it under giant waves.


Santorini Ancient MapAtlantis Locations

The hunt for Atlantis has engaged a lot of people without any success. Among them was the Edgar Cayce who had expected that Atlantean ruins would be discovered near Bimini Isle. In the course of history many hypotheses have been suggested in order to track down Atlantis. Among the most favorite probable locations is the island of Thera, regarded nowadays as Santorini.





Pillars of HerculesSpartel Island

The Spartel idea fits in very good with Plato's story, after founded in the Straits of Gibraltar. Spartel Island nowadays is 60m underwater; despite the findings released in 2005 suggests that it might have been above the sea until it was destroyed by a tsunami approximately 12,000 years ago. This assumption is close to Plato's assertion that Atlantis was demolished 9,000 years prior he was writing. On the other hand Spartel Island seems to have been very small as contradictory to what it would be expected of Atlantis plus no trace of human presence were found.


Atlantis at SantoriniSantorini (Thera)

According to this hypothesis, the fable of Atlantis is actually the ancient Minoan civilization. The Minoans were established in Crete and approximately 75km northern  of Crete was the island group called Thera (or Thira). Nowadays Thera is referred to as Santorini.
Santorini own its existence to volcanic erruptions. The main volcano erupted strongly during the period 1650 to 1600 BCE. This eruption demolished the capital city on the island which results huge waves and climate shifts. This changes might result the downfall of the Minoan civilization.


Atlantis theory of Ignatius-DonnellyDonnelly Theory

Ignatius Donnelly, the American politician proposed in the 1882, that Plato's story symbolized ligation which began with the Atlantians spreading out throughout the world through their established colonies in places like ancient Egypt.
Donnelly's hypotheses were never supported by facts. The truth is, as time passed by these kinds of theories proofed faulty.


Frost Theory

K.T. Frost, a professor of history proposed that Atlantis was eastern side of the Pillars of Hercules, and not west. He also suggested that the devastation that introduced the island to its end had taken place 900 years prior Plato's time. If this is a case, then it is most probable that the land of Atlantis was the island of Crete.

According to Frost, after the eruption of Santorini volcano, around 1500 BC, the  tsunami was created, which traveled all the way to Crete, ten miles away, and demolished any seashore villages and towns.


Ancient AtlantisMinoan or Atlantians

There is a reason why do people think that the Minoans were in fact the Atlantians. The fact is that the resemblances between those two cultures are stunning lead many scholar to believe the Plato might got the location wrong or, even more probable, that his texts were misinterpreted: a zero was added (which turned 900 to 9000) and the word "east" was translated wrongly as "west".

So, that's Santorini's connection with Atlantis. It might be true, it might not be. Atlantis might not be even a true story. But even if it isn't, it sure is an interesting myth or legend that adds a touch of mystery to this volcano and the island, as well as the country it belongs to.

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