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Art in Santorini, Greece

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Santorini ArtSantorini island since ancient times till today is the number one place for artist inspiration. The dynamism of Santorini is depicted vividly in its artistic expression, which is characterized by expressive power and experimentation. Santorini's deep colors, clarity of air, rugged landscape and legendary history spiced with rumors about civilization of Atlantis have long inspired artists and sculptors both local and foreign.

This extraordinary Greek island represent archetypal and elemental energies of ancient Greece that live within each of our psyches. The whole scenery of the Santorini island force you to express your personal imagery, tap into the wellspring of your creative fire in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment.

Santorini ViewMany excellent artists work in Santorini today. Some of them visit the island every year. Some stayed longer than they thought. In fact Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you will feel the magic in the air of the Santorini, which eventually will fill you with creativity.

Santorini is full with Private and Public Art Galleries and many art shops which exhibit work of local and foreign artists. In some places you can find original paintings and limited edition graphics by nationally and internationally known artists. Among others you could purchase paintings about Santorini, bronze sculptures, jewels, orthodox (Byzantine) Icons, handmade carpets, reproductions of Santorini frescoes.


Santorini Art

Deximi Art Gallery (Fira, tel: 22860-28726)

Accessories designed by Bruce Salter in the most innovative way.


Mati (Fira, tel: 22860-23814)

A gallery with original works of art of Sculptor Giorgos Kypris.


Santorini ancient art

Opera Art (Oia, tel: 22860-28881, )

Paintings of Santorini created by Mariusz Stokowiec.


Phenomeno (Fira, tel: 22860-23041)

The gallery of painter Christoforos Asimis, where he exposes his famous Santorini landscapes.


Philochoria Art Center (Megalohori, tel: 22860-83281)

The multi-levelled art gallery of Ioanna Babari was created for young artists to expose their works.


Speira (Mesaria, tel. 22860-33269)

This is the marble workshop of Grigoris Kouskouris.


Thera’s Art (tel. 22860-27060)

The art of frescoes and icons is brought from the past to the present through the crafstmanship of two young artists, Marilena Sgountzou and Ilias Vlavianos.


Santorini Ibex

The art of pumice (Finikia, Oia, tel. 22860-71046)


Art studio Michalis (tel 22860 83324)

Paintings & Work shop


MARMARINI (Oia, tel. 22860 27022)


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SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul!


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