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Santorini Nightlife

There is a rumor that Santorini's nightlife is not vivid as it is on other Greek islands and it is only for romantic couples. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. Santorini has nothing to be jealous of Rio's Carnaval. If you know where to go, Santorini can become spectacular. Many of us who visited Santorini gained the feeling that it's classy but casual, fun and inhibited, cranking and often crazy. In other words, pretty much like anywhere else in Greece.








Santorini diving coupleSantorini sunsets, beautiful caldera, active volcano, smashing nightlife YES it is the most visited Greek Island. Do you think that this is all you can see in Santorini? Well no for those who like extreme sports there is a astonishing challenge to overcome.... to explore Santorini under water.





Santorini ParkourFirst time I heard about Parkour was about two years ago. I was amazed about how some young ordinary guys overcome obstacles in highly populated cities with unseen mastery. It was like I was looking at highly trained stuntman's doing amazing stuff just like in action movies. It seems like these talented practitioners, or should I say athletes, had the ability to move in all environments and circumstances; involving training walking, sprinting, crawling, jumping, swimming and climbing.



Santorini VolcanoSantorini volcano is perhaps the most unique site in the world. Some would argue that volcano is part of the Santorini while others would tell you for sure that it is indeed part of Santorini and it is the one who gave the final shape to the Island. The island is the remnant of a volcanic cone whose top was blown off.




Santorini DinnerEating for Greeks is a way of life, it is the entertainment that you shouldn’t mist once you come in Santorini. Santorini gastronomy is a combination of climatic factors and the tastes of those who have occupied and lived on the island.






Santorini ibexSantorini Island is more than beautiful beaches and astonishing sunsets; it also has a wealth of history and tradition. If you are truly interested in exploring Santorini you should visit many of the Santorini's museums which are exposing very rare exhibits to the public from excavations at Akrotiri to Ancient Thira in “Mesa Vouno” to the priceless icons.

Many of the Santorini’s museums can be found in Fira (Thira), which is the capital of Santorini.






Santorini WeddingOver the past few years Santorini Island in Greece became a beautiful romantic destination for a weddings and honeymoons. This happened because when most people think of a wedding destination they immediately imagine an island that is surrounded by turquoise blue water, beautiful white beaches and sun-drenched days. Well, Santorini Island is a place that combines all the above mentioned tropical settings. Additionally it is packed with a volcano and the world's largest caldera. The local Cycladic architecture is spiced up with white washed houses literally hanging from the cliff. Last but not least Santorini has the most breathtaking sunsets of the world.

Santorini Donkey

When I heard for a first time about Donkey Tours in Santorini I said... Wait, what did you just said? Real donkey ride In year 2010? Immediately it took my curiosity to the highest peak of Himalayas...oh sorry I meant to the highest peak of Caldera. My interest drove me to the mysterious paths of Internet and here is what I have found out...

Santorini GrapesWhen you hear the word “Santorini” immediately pictures of beautiful sunsets and majestic Caldera bounces in your head. But, Santorini is much more than that; it can become a gastronomic voyage into the secrets of the best vineyards of Greece.

Santorini, besides its natural beauty, has another precious heritage in her hands: her vineyards. Thanks to the power of the volcanic soil these vineyards, produces a charismatic grape variety which gave wines their unique identity. These wines stand today among the most popular wines in Greece demonstrating the highest sales abroad.




Santorini Tour with

Santorini Tour
Welcome to the Santorini Island, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I guess that you already did your homework and convinced yourself by just reviewing fascinating postcards, pictures and videos about majestic sunsets and astonishing views from Caldera, that Santorini is the best place to come for your holidays.

If your holidays are limited and you planning to spend on Santorini Island only few days you can still see Santorini as it looks in the postcards. To do this you have to book a tour from big variety of travel offices available on the Island.  Most of the tours include combination of private busses, boats and private guide. Usually the buses are comfortable, clean and air-conditioned.  If you prefer, they can also pick you up for free wherever you are in the island.  Keep in mind that all tour guides are experienced, friendly and have great knowledge of the island; therefore you won’t lose time by searching all top spots.

santorini_sunset1Santorini sunset has a magic beyond the scientific fact of the sun disappearing behind the horizon and the atmosphere playing up the colors as the earth turns, it's the time of memories and farewells and of romance. And like romance there's more to it than just science and scattering air molecules.

Santorini is the most beautiful and world famous Greek Island. The volcanic rim which overlook to the sea filled caldera is the trademark of Santorini. Due to its volcanic nature and location Santorini is universally considered the world's best place to watch the sunset. However like trying to retell a dream, recounting a beautiful sunsets of Santorini is a futile enterprise. The colors, the scale, the true nature of a Santorini sunset is ineffable. What's more, such beauty is ultimately subjective in the first place. The blues and white of Santorini's buildings are augmented delightfully by the setting sun. By the end of October the sun sets in minutes but during the summer the light refraction show goes on for hours.

santorini_sunsetSantorini is the result of an enormous volcanic explosion which occurred around 1630 bce. It is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and its main attraction is the landscape and seascape of the island itself. If you are looking for most spectacular sunsets in the world, Santorini is the place to come.

Once you come to Santorini Island leave some time for exploration outside of the towns. You can do that by renting a car from Santorini Car Rental company at budget price. Santorini is pride for its countryside where tradition still survives. Discover small churches, cave houses, vineyards and small family businesses.

imerovigli car rental

Imerovigli or Merovigli is one of the most famous resorts of the Santorini Island with incredible views over the volcano and other villages. It is built on the highest point of the cliff at an impressive altitude of 300 m above the sea. Imerovigli is relatively quieter and more suitable accommodation for those who love peace. Moreover, it is ideal for walking and photography. Whether you choose to walk along the highway, or from the old path to the rim, the view is amazing and nature keep surprising you every step. Spring and autumn are the ideal time to stay in Imerovigli, but they are also good alternative in the summer for those who prefer to avoid overcrowding at Fira.

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