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Santorini shopping

Santorini-shoppingThere are many shops and shopping hubs in Santorini, Greece that will give you the opportunity for Santorini shopping.

You can find jeweleries, high quality leather goods and others as woven goods, folk art, and handicrafts. So, do not hesitate to go for Santorini shopping.

Fira offers much in the way of shopping opportunities. You will be amazed at the sheer number of jewelry shops around the centre of the town. Interspersed with these there are also a number of expensive boutiques.

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Santorini architecture

Santorini-ArchitectureThe Cycladic Islands are world famous for their beautiful towns of cubic white - washed homes and blue-domed churches. Santoríni is especially famous for the towns in Firá, Imerovigli and Oía, whose white and pastel-colored homes and churches seemingly stacked on top of each other and are perched on the cliffs of the caldera. Many of these traditional homes are built on cliff-side caves, thus having a much larger interior than their exterior would suggest. The architecture of Santoríni's picturesque towns is typically Cycladic, but with strong neoclassical and baroque influences visible in many of the island's churches and public buildings.

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Santorini Archaeological Sites

santorini-Archaeological-sitesAkrotiri, is in the south of the island. The Minoan town is around 3,500 years old. Similar to Pompei it is in good condition due to its coverage of volcanic ash. The site is protected by a roofing system, that allows the visitor to see it any time of the year. Have a look at the Minoan pottery and frescoes there. Due to an accident in September 2005, the excavation site is closed to the public and is expected to be opened again in early summer of 2010.

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Santorini wineries

Santorini-wineriesThe Santorini vineyard is therefore extremely old. Being from the few worldwide not affected by vine wine louse, without American characteristics, makes it unique. Since natural renewal does its work, age seem no longer to pass by vines. As long as the vine grows larger, production decreases while the quality of grapes increases, we enjoy a unique product.




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Santorini beaches

Santorini-beachesPerissa beach: Perissa, a village located 15 km southeast Fira. Known for its long and sandy black beach. Its characteristic is the rock rising from the sea, called Mesa Vouno.


Kamari beach: One of Santorini's famous beach resorts is Kamari, 10 km southeast Fira. It is on the other side of the rock Mesa Vouno and similar to Perissa. You can admire a wonderful landscape here, especially at night, when the rock is lighted.

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