Santorini car hire reservation and booking faq

Car pick up and delivery

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Car Return

# Do I get reimbursed if I return the rental car earlier?
# What if I delay the car drop-off?
# Do I need to inspect the rental car before return?
    How do I make the reservation?
    Online reservation form, telephone call, or just send us an e-mail with your preferences.
    What is your cancellation policy?
    The cancellation policy is very simple. No cancellation fees at all. You can cancel or change your reservation anytime.
    What are the options for insurance coverage?
    Your rental quote provides you with everything you need to put your keys in the car and go. The prices include the following insurance: *Theft Protection *Third Party Liability insurance You can also choose to have optional fully comprehensive insurance (CDW).

    Are additional drivers permitted?
    Certainly, additional drivers can use the car, free of charge. Just let us know before use.

    Are child car seats available?
    Child car seats, for all ages, are available free of charge. All you need to do is claim them upon booking.

    What is included in basic price?
    • Discounts for online bookings
    • Free pick-up anywhere on Santorini (port, airport, hotel, any spot)
    • Free drop-off anywhere on Santorini (port, airport, hotel, any spot)
    • Free unlimited mileage
    • Free additional drivers
    • Free General Insurance against third party liability
    • Free Protection against theft
    • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
    • Free map of Santorini Island
    • Free child/baby car seat or Booster Seat
    • Cars at excellent mechanical condition
    • Credit card is not required for online booking - Book now, pay later, upon pick-up
    • *A Credit Card in your own name must be presented at time of Rental though.

    Is international driving license necessary?
    Yes. Driving Licence in characters not redable in English, Greek or latin characters must be accompanied by an International Driving Licence or a copy of an English translated version.

    Is there an age limit for a driver to hire a car?
    You should be 22-years-old or older.

    Are cars with automatic gearbox available?
    Yes, our fleet includes Smart and Hyundai Accent, Q10 Hyundai with automatic gearbox. We can also provide you with other automatic cars of your choice just contact us.
    Can I prolong the duration of the car hire?
    Yes, we can arrange for that, as long as you inform us in sufficient time, especially during high season.

    How does identification proceed?
    When you reach Santorini Island, a member from our team will be on the spot you ask for pick-up, holding a card with your name. For your identification to proceed, you should keep handy your driving license.

    Does pick-up or drop-off take place beyond working hours?
    You can pick up or drop off the rental car 24/7.

    Which are the pick-up and drop-off locations?
    You can pick up your chosen rental car anywhere on the island (port, airport, hotel, any spot on Santorini). The same goes for drop-off. The delivery and Collection is always free.

    Is there fuel in the car upon pick-up?
    Yes, there is. Many fuel stations are located across Santorini Island. Upon drop-off, the rental car should have fuel at the same quantity as received.

    What is the off-road driving policy?
    The rental cars are to be used on asphalt road. Off-road drive is not covered under contract.

    Can I transport a rental car on boat to another island?
    A written license issued by is necessary, in order to transport a rental car on boat. The rental car is not under damage or loss waiver, during sea transport.

    What do I do in case of car breakdown or accident? provides 24/7 roadside assistance. In case of car breakdown or accident, just give us a call and a team of experienced mechanical engineers will take care the rest. Also, keep in mind to file an Accident Report along with the third party motor vehicle driver, if involved, so you can claim the car damage waiver.

      Do I get reimbursed if I return the rental car earlier?

      No, you don't.


      What if I delay the car drop-off?
      You can contact us and we can arrange for you keeping the car longer, if it is available. You will be charged the usual rates for extra days. In case of no early notice, extra charge applies. In particular, a delay shorter than 1 hour (up to 59 minutes) is free of charge. The rate of a daily rental applies to delays longer than 1 hour.

      Do I need to inspect the rental car before return?
      Yes, you do. If you realise a problem, not present upon pick-up, you should inform us before drop-off.