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santorini-travel-styleSantorini is renowned for its picturesque blue domes, its breathtaking sunsets and its majestic architecture.

It would be a huge mistake though not to mention that Santorini is definitely one of the most colourful places of the world.

Santorini Movie Lara CroftThe dramatic landscape and the beauty of the caldera has made Santorini a privileged location for film shooting.


Every year several production companies examine Santorini as the set for their films. At the following post, we present some movies about the island or partly filmed on Santorini.



Caldera SantoriniAny time that you browse a travel magazine or a blog, you will come across amazing photos with the picturesque & unique icons of Santorini.


Blue domes, white houses, mesmerizing sunsets and beautiful beaches among others. At this post, we ll show you that Santorini remains beautiful even if you see it in black and white.


Santorini is a paradise for shoppers who look for fine jewellery. Nowhere else will you find the same selection, quality and prices.
There is no other place in the world where you can find such a variety in so small a space. You will be totally amazed at the sheer number of jewelry shops.

Beauty in jewelry comes from an exquisite combination of indulging the senses while bringing elegance to the wearer. To this day, the word "gold" inspires ultimate beauty and quality.
Santorini ChapelSantorini is definitely an island that expects you to explore it. The best possible way for the nature lovers is by trekking.
The whole island has a lot of beauties for the visitors, from wild, volcanic landscapes to picturesque villages and lovely churches in the countryside. Trekking is a great way to get to know the island in a more special way.
Because of the fact that the trekking routes on Santorini are generally not long and vary in difficulty, everyone can try to discover Santorini.

Santorini Boat Tours

No matter how long you plan to stay in Santorini, you have to spend some time on exploring Santorini by a boat tour.

Sailing into the Caldera gives you one of the most impressive views of Santorini. There is such a big variety of boat tours that will cover all your expectations.

Keep also in mind that you if you prefer a private experience or you want to setup your own itinerary, you can opt for a private boat trip.

Explore Santorini with your ipad

Do you want to explore Santorini but you do not like the traditional maps & guide books?

There is a truly amazing application to help you explore Santorini and it is available both as an iphone app and as an ipad app!

It includes all the places that are worthwhile visiting in Santorini.

All the attractions and the secrets of the famous island with all the beaches, the activities and top sightseeing.

Santorini Restaurants

We all know that Santorini is famous for its blue domes, its picturesque paths, its majestic sunsets & the beautiful beaches. Most of the people that visit Santorini are mesmerized by the above mentioned beauties of the island.

But Santorini is full of surprises.

No matter how many times you have visited Santorini, there is always a new unrevealed secret looking forward to being discovered.

Santorini HotelsSantorini is considered by travelers from all over the world to be an island portraying absolute fusion of colors. The white house’s contrasted by the black and grey cliffs surrounded down below by a deep blue sea and above by the azure color of the sky.

Holidays in Santorini are a magical experience where visitors get spectacular landscapes, picturesque villages, breathtaking sunsets, wonderful beaches, delicious food and excellent accommodation.

Santorini favaIf Greek cuisine is considered as one of the best in the Mediterranean, then in Santorini you will discover some raw materials that you can't find anywhere else in the world in tasteful combinations. The island boasts a rich cuisine based on locally grown produce that have adapted well to the volcanic soil.

Santorini LighthouseThe Akrotiri Lighthouse is probably the oldest lighthouses in this particular  place in the world and was built  long ago in 1892. It holders just like a lookout around the southern peninsula of Santorini isle.

Santorini Prothet Hlias ChurchOver the years, Santorini has become the top tourist destination not only in Greece but in whole world. The astonishing scenery of the isle, the mythic wonders, the charming historical and ancient sites, the architectural splendors, the unique red and black beaches as well as the serene sunset views bring in millions of tourists from various regions and countries worldwide. While having vacation in Santorini you will have an opportunity to explore numerous tourist attractions, museums and if you are a spiritual person lots of churches and monasteries are waiting for you. The site of Prophet Elias Monastery, situated in Pyrgos is really a must-visit one.


SantoriniSantorini is one of the most popular and unique islands on southern Aegean Sea. It owes most of its fame not only for its still active Volcano the myths related to legendary Atlantis, the enchanting natural surroundings and the fantastic beaches with black and red sand, but also for the most romantic sunset. Santorini is situated along the edge of the cliffs are clusters of square, white washed houses.

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